Pilah Kontenastay was originally built and lovingly developed as our own home also as a place for us to unwind while enjoying the natural surroundings in our own fruits dusun. When it became apparent that others are loving the dusun and nature as much as we do, Faizal and Itri decided to turn a portion of our house into a nature and peaceful homestay in 2007. The homestay was offered to public bringing its own unique concept right next to our home (attached) while still managed to maintain the “distance” where guests can enjoy privacy and a sense of space equipped with private balconies/decks for guests to breath in the nature.

This calming green environment was an exciting ‘playground’ for all of us to explore and much needed experiences for our kids to know and grow their nature.

Each day, since we moved to our new lovely home, I began to learn how to recognize the local fruit trees, plants, and species of birds and other unique wildlife that surrounded Pilah Kontenastay. I myself love animal and started to naturally invite the wild ‘Ayam Hutan or Ayam Denak’ and now we pet more than ten of those chickens at our dusun. Not fogetting the wonderful uncoordinated yet harmonised orchestra of the birds, monkeys and crickets.

Now, my family, along with my husband Faizal and I, have all come together to capture and preserve the natural surroundings of Pilah Kontenastay and opened our doors to sharing this special place with others.

Pilah Kontenastay is our unexpected dream, a place that we hold dear and close to our hearts as we love nature and peacefulness.

Oh ya… did I mentioned that we designed and built the home ourselves to most extent? Yes… from researching, designing, planing, budgeting down to being helpers to the construction of the house. We are one with Pilah Kontenastay! Connected in every way.

We hope that each guest that passes through the Pilah Kontenastay gates will be able to capture the true essence of kampung-style living – and experience so much more.

Your chance to revisit a favourite childhood memory – and the freedom to explore once more, to stop and appreciate nature’s gifts around us and to cultivate such appreciation for generations to come.

With our warmest regards,

Faizal, Itri, Luqs & Leia

We welcome you to Pilah Kontenastay – a tranquil retreat away from the bustling city life!